How to Care for your Hide Earrings

  • Store your hide earrings up and away. Ex. Store feather earrings by hanging them up.
  • Keep away from any water or liquid substances.
  • Store away from direct sunlight, specifically the home tanned hide earrings.
  • This is to ensure the colour does not fade. Try your best not to touch the hide becasue of the oils from your hands.
  • Handle earrings always by the top of the earrings.

How long does it take to ship my package?

Once you place your order, you will recieve a shipping tracking number via email within 2-5 business days. If you do not receive an email, please contact via email I will respond to you within 1 business day.

Can I tag you in social media?

My handle is @JShineDesigns on both Instagram & Facebook.

Did you tan the home tanned hides yourself?

This home tanned hide was made from Indigenous knowlegkeepers in the Alberta area. Home tanned hide is rightfully expensive, paying the knowledge keepers so they too can support thier family. Right now I source my hide from them and its important to me to have a relationship with the family that traditionally tans their hides. Currently I am working on two moose hide right here in the city. This is part of my resurgency of traditional practices that were lost 6 decades ago. I am trying to revitalize this practice within my family kin and eventually use it in my art practice.

Do you want to tan your own hides?

My late Great- Grandmother Jenny Lightning and Great-Grandfather Robert Goodin, late Grandfather George Godin tanned hides. My Great-Grandmother created the most beautiful pieces, such as moccasins, hide jackets and beadwork. I had an amaizing experience Spring 2017, where the first time in my life I helped tan a hide with Elders and knowledge keepers in Aseniwuche Winewak, near Grande Cache, AB. This was a revitalization of traditonal culture and practices that were embedded within my kin for decades. For me, this was a connection to my late grandmothers and grandfathers who practice tanning hides before me. I continue my hide journey and I still have so much to learn.