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When you support an Indigenous owned business like JShine Designs, you're purchasing an authentic piece of handmade art by Jess Sanderson-Barry, Cree Artist & Designer from Chakastaypasin Band, Treaty 6 Territory.  Beading was a resurgence of traditional practice within Jess's family.  That transmission of knowledge of these practices is important for her generation, but also for future generations.  Jess understands beading was always in her bloodline and it was meant for her to be able to create something unique & beautiful.

"Beading is a way for me to create from within, to be able to dream it /imagine it and create something into the physical.  I am inspired by the land around me, to the colors that resonate and being able to use elements from the land around us made into a unique piece of Art. Some of the elements I use is traditional home tanned Elk, Moose and Deer hide, Caribou Hair, Bones & Shells. 

Also I incorporate any vintage beads I can find and vintage sequins."

JShine Designs is excited to announce we will be using sustainable tissue paper & stickers with 100% compostable mailers with each package shipped.

2020 we are looking at eliminating plastics in our packaging & looking at being a sustainable business keeping in mind how we directly impact Mother-Earth.


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